Your Questions About Niche Marketing Examples

James asks…

Can anyone please help me understand what is a “niche”? or give at least three examples.?

I notice that there is a niche market and a niche product. But what is a niche? I am confused on how to understand the definition of it. I check under dictionary and it doesn’t make sense under the Business topic. I’m thinking it involves a customer buying the same product of brand over and over again even though the customer has the option to go for another brand but never switches.

Colin answers:

There are different niches.

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What you refer in your question I suppose is a market niche. A market niche, is a market which is focused on particular product or service. It may also be a market that has certain geographical limits.

For example if there is a sport equipment market then its niche could be a winter skis market.

Exists also internet niche market. It refers to small websites which are optimized to certain keyword and promote a specific product. In this case name of website could be:

The latest buzz is a micro niche. In the example this could be: red winter skis

Daniel asks…

Is this an example of a market niche?

if a company sells computer based products to schools and other businesses is this called a niche market?

Colin answers:

Schools is a niche market
small businesses are a niche market
get specific

Ken asks…

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Colin answers:

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David asks…

What is an example of a market niche for a paper company?

Colin answers:

There are many, for example a paper company may specialize in supplying small local businesses who may be willing to pay more money for better customer service and quality than a big firm would offer.

George asks…

can you give me an example of a niche market?

Colin answers:

A niche market is people interested in what you are selling. For example: you are selling xbox 360 games. Your niche market is Xbox 360 players. They are the people that want what you have. This way you are more likely to sell to people because they are already interested.

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