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Joseph asks…

If I replace my car stereo in my car with an aftermarket one, will my Alarm and remote still work?

If I replace my car stereo in my car with an aftermarket one, will my Alarm and remote still work?
It says anti theft on it.

Colin answers:

Thank you for the vehicle information
that help you a lot

Charles asks…

How can I hardwire my car stereo to play music from my iphone?

I currently have a Kenwood stereo in my car. I have the iPhone 3gs.

Colin answers:

I use an adapter plug

Lisa asks…

Why does my car stereo always play the same songs when set to random?

I’ve noticed this with the past two stereos I’ve had for my car. My first stereo played MP3 CD’s and the one now takes a 2GB flash drive loaded with MP3′s. The problem is that when I set the stereo to random, it seems like it picks the same songs all the time. For example, when I turn on my stereo, for some reason it doesn’t remember that when it was turned off it was on randomize. So it’ll start playing the first song on my flash drive. Then I press the randomize button, and probably 50% of the time it “randomizes” to Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson. Then there’s like a set of maybe 10 songs or so that it’ll play a lot more frequently than other songs. My stereo that played MP3 CD’s did the same thing. It has hundreds of songs to choose from, so it’s definitely not a freak coincidence… Anyone have the same problem or any ideas why this happens?

Colin answers:

Since there is no real way to generate a “true” random number, the stereo has a few programs to calcultae a random number. Unfortunealty it’s the same calculation most of the time which results in so many hits on the same set of songs.

One possible way to overcome this is to add or delete a few songs so the calculation is a little off.

I’ve noticed this with Windows Media player and I’m assuming this is what’s happening to you.

Daniel asks…

How to hook up car stereo system in a home?

Hey I am trying to hook up a car stereo system in my home. Such as 2 tweeters 4 speakers an amp and subs. Basically like they do in the stores like best buy.

I understand how to hook it all up, but my question is how to power it?

Is there a special adaptor, or should I use a car battery? If I use a car battery how am I supposed to keep it charged?

Colin answers:

All you need to do is buy an High power AC to DC adapter. Any electronics supply, car parts, auto stereo, or Wal Mart should have one. It will plug into the wall and have either a cigarette lighter outlet or two power posts. Just make sure you connect pos to pos (usually red) and neg to neg (usually black), or you will fry your deck.

Donna asks…

How can I wire a car stereo to use it in a camper trailer?

I bought a new car stereo and want to wire it up with 2 speakers and power it with a generator. What materials will I need and how do I go about hooking it all up? BTW, The trailer camper does not have any previous sound system wiring in place, just electrical wiring.

Colin answers:

If the camper is set up with 12 volt lighting (most of them are) then it should be as simple as bringing leads from the source, usually a transformer or deep cycle batteries to your stereo. If your camper doesnt have any low voltage lighting you will need a transformer to drop the voltage to 12 volts. Be sure to use an in line fuse on your positive side, most car radios use 10 amps.

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