Your Questions About Niche Marketing

Sandy asks…

Is selling discount women’s shoes online a niche market?

Colin answers:

Yes, a niche market.

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Try to sell your products on B2C/B2B/C2C sites like: http://ww w.ebay,com, http://amazon,com and . If i were u, i would try all 3 to increase my traffic to the max and make more people know them. You may search more such sites to promote your products. Good luck

Paul asks…

The emergence of niche markets has decreased tourism?


Colin answers:


Steven asks…

What is a niche market? Explain fully.?

Im working on my business studies coursework and need to explain fully what a niche market is, and i thought i had, but i got it wrong so could someone help me please! :]

Colin answers:

This link will lead you to an expert’s explanation, with further links at the bottom, to provide even more details :

Happy hunting !

Maria asks…

Help in finding a niche market#?

im looking for someone who can point me in the way of a niche market? or anything that might be a good earner?


Colin answers:

Sell anything. Present it well, and put it in a fancy looking box. My mom recieved a box of fruit for X-mas…It was good-but it cost like 75 dollars…for fruit!

Lisa asks…

What is the best way to get investors capitol for my new business?

I am starting a new guitar company with a niche market(metal-heads) and have several guitar building innovations that will be going into the product. As well as progressive style, Warfare Stringed Instruments will boast:

Innovative paint-less finishing resulting in a finish that is truly roadworthy.

Custom dimensions and options in the overall design of the guitar that will redefine what a truly custom guitar is.

An innovative manufacturing process that allows for on demand combinations of guitar necks and bodies.

And an entirely new way to assemble a guitar neck allowing for the addition of strengthening materials such as carbon-fiber or kevlar.

I have plenty of experience in marketing to get the word out about my product. As well as a robust web site outlining the literally hundreds of possibilities, a business image will be needed to establish Warfare Stringed Instruments amongst the heavy metal community. All of the marketing artwork will be done by myself.

Colin answers:

You need to first research the term “Business Plan”. What your future investors are going to want to know is that you can wisely invest their dough, to make your business grow and more importantly, pay them back with a healthy return on their investment.

It’s going to pretty much be like a job interview. You will show them how far you have come with the little resources you have, and then you will have to sell yourself and the plan.

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